Note to selves…check opening times!

Our first trip out was not the most successful! After picking up Charlie and getting stuck in the lunch time traffic that is Canterbury and Morrisons car park we were eventually on our way to the Badgers Hill Farm and Cidery in Chilham. As we drove round the bend leading up to the entrance Charlie mused ‘I hope they aren’t closed’…

So, we learnt today that Badgers Hill Farm and Cidery close for the winter! Don’t worry though, we’ll return when they have reopened as we’ve heard great things about the tea room.

With Harry crying in the back of the car (we set off an hour previously) we had to think quick about where to go instead. Charlie had an inspired suggestion. So we made our way back into Canterbury to go to Mama Feelgoods at Chalkpit Farm in Bekesbourne. We’ve visited this place once before so knew it was going to be good!

We both ordered the cream tea and as you can see it looked good (it comes with two scones, but we were so hungry the first one got eaten before the camera came out)! It cost £6.50 which we think it pretty good for two scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, butter and a pot of tea – which gave us three cups.


Time for the scores:

Ambiance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10

Taste: 8/10

Staff: 10/10

Total: 35/40 = 88%

P.s. As Harry had experienced such a traumatic journey to get this cream tea, he was treated to a tasty milkshake! It was delicious despite his face  in the photo!IMAG0204

Please note these views reflect our personal experience and we recommend you visit the establishments yourselves to make up your own mind!


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