Friday night is cake night!

Tonight Charlie and I had tickets for Cinderella on Ice at the Marlowe Theatre (it was very entertaining!). We realised though that this was an opportunity for another entry on our blog. We decided on Patisserie Valerie on the high street because a. they sell tasty cakes, and b. on a Friday night they close at 7:30pm.

After much deliberation and some help from a friendly waitress we decided to have their Friday special – Cream Tea for Two. We were pleased with our choice!

We each received a cute tray with our own teapot and cup. A pleasant surprise was that it was made with loose tea:


Although I normally always choose plain scones, the three fruit ones that arrived next were tasty. Sitting proudly on the table were also a great selection of preserves – strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, honey, apricot and marmalade! This was in addition to butter and clotted cream.


OK, time for the scores:

Ambiance 9/10

Value for money 10/10
(Great value at £7.95, plus Canterbury residents get 10% off with their residents card!)

Taste 7/10

Staff 10/10
(They were so friendly and happy)

Total: 90%

P.s. On request of our friend Henry, we asked for a clotted cream refill that was happily provided.

Please note these views reflect our personal experience and we recommend you visit the establishments yourselves to make up your own mind!


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