A Cream Tea Delivery…

Our cream tea tasting is branching out!

A friend of Charlie’s delivered a gift of a cream tea to her from M & S…


After a quick deliberation, we decided that this tasting should also go on the blog. Charlie’s husband, Steve, helped her with the scoring this time.


So here are their scores (with adjusted categories!):

Taste 8 ( Scones were lovely but two marks off as just not as nice as a freshly baked one)

Possibility of refills….10 (1 box of clotted cream will do 4 scones very generously)

Staff…4 (that was Steve rating me. Apparently service wasn’t with a smile, and I was coughing)

Ignoring the staffing score, as M & S can’t do much about Charlie’s coughing, they score 90 %

Coming soon – a league table for the scores. One for eating out, and one for cream teas at home!

Please note these reviews reflect our personal experiences and we recommend you visit the establishments yourselves to make up your own minds!


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