A Day of Calm and Cake…

Our latest cream tea was a bit of a special one! To celebrate Charlie’s wedding in January we decided to have a ‘sisters’ Spa Day! After much internet research, we decided on The Bridgewood Manor in Chatham for their RoyalT package. What swung this one in our favour was the inclusion of an afternoon tea.

So with my sister (Nancy) and Charlie’s sister (Cheryl) we arrived for our spa day. Alarm bells did ring when the car park seemed to be full of teenagers…but don’t worry, they weren’t there for the spa! The spa was lovely and welcoming and our two treatments were great!

But the afternoon tea finished the day perfectly…


…Tasty sandwiches, a scrumptious selection of cakes (chocolate brownies, cheesecake with blackberries, flapjacks and ginger cake) and the good old scones at the top! In addition to the tea we also got a glass of champagne!

For a total package price of £55, we thought that was pretty good value!

OK, time for the scores:

Ambiance 10/10

Value for money 9/10

Taste 9/10

Staff 10/10

Total: 95‰ ***Top Score Alert***

Please note these views reflect our personal experience and we recommend you visit the establishment yourselves to make up your own mind!


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