An Afternoon Treat at Eastwell Manor

As a wedding present for Charlie, some friends from work took her for Afternoon Tea at Eastwell Manor.

Sitting on large chesterfield sofas by the roaring fire on a cold February afternoon, it was the perfect setting!

For £25 each you got champagne, scones, sandwiches, a selection of cakes & pastries and your choice of loose leaf tea:


For the four of them the eight finger sandwiches weren’t quite enough, but when Charlie asked for more these were made and provided at no extra cost. £100 for four people does sound a lot, but the surroundings have to be taken into account – it really is beautiful there!

Here are Charlie’s scores:

Ambiance 10/10

Value for money 7/10

Taste 8/10

Staff 10/10

Total: 35/40 88%

As always, this post represents our personal experiences and we recommend you visit the establishments yourself to make up your own mind!


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