The Delights of Chilham

For our next venture out, Charlie and I decided to go for the much recommended Shelly’s in Chilham Village.

Driving up the hill to be greeted with the quaint Tudor village square was lovely! Although there were lots of lovely cakes on display, we opted for the cream tea. Once again, it was delicious. After the first couple of mouthfuls of warm, freshly baked scone, we decided that these were the tastiest we’ve tried so far!


The friendly staff told us to let them know if we needed more jam etc (which we often do!) but the portions were very generous so we didn’t need to! The scones really were delicious and rather large! I managed both mine, but Charlie could only eat one she is not as much of a pig as me! and asked for a doggy bag, which was happily given.

At £6.20 each we thought this was good value for money 🙂

So here are the scores:

Ambiance 7/10

Value for money 10/10

Taste 10/10

Staff 10/10

Total: 37/40 = 93%

Accompanying us today was Harry. So as not to be left out he had his own special drink which went down well. He also, of course, helped us with the scones!


Please remember, these views are based on personal experiences and we recommend you visit the establishments yourself to make up your own mind!


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