Just another Thursday night of cream tea and strippers…

You read that correctly…although its far more innocent then it sounds!

After hearing that the new stage version of The Full Monty was going on a small tour, I checked the Marlowe Theatre and was pleasantly surprised that it was coming to us. We booked to go last night with Charlie suggesting we go for cream tea at Abode beforehand. An excellent plan.

However, Abode stop offering cream tea at 6pm. We arrived at…wait for it…6:04, to be politely told we were too late. 😦

Good job Charlie was there. After a quick mental scan of places offering cream tea after 6pm she suggested La Trappiste.

Great cafe/restaurant. We found a lovely little table and quickly made our choice. There was a great selection of cakes…but as you can probably guess we went for a cream tea, albeit with a slight twist. For 40p you could have a hot chocolate. It was so cold outside that we both went for this option.


The food wasn’t even on our table and Charlie had her phone out ready to take a photo! We’re getting better at this!

It was a tasty little scone with plenty of cream and jam. The mini marshmallows for the hot chocolate were a great extra touch.

So here are the scores:

Taste 7/10

Ambiance 9/10

Staff 10/10

Value for money 9/10
(£3.30 for cream tea with one scone, plus 40p for a hot chocolate upgrade)

Total: 35/40 88%

P.s. The Full Monty was excellent! Haven’t laughed so much in ages!

Please remember, this blog is based on personal experiences and we recommend you visit the establishments yourself to make up your own mind.


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