Cream Tea and a One-Eyed Dog!

Our cream tea journey took an interesting turn today…

After a freezing refreshing stroll around the beautiful gardens of Chilham Castle we decided we had earned another cream tea (three in eight days!). Just around the corner from the castle is Badger Hill Cidery and Tea Rooms. It seemed the obvious choice!

Walking through the car park we were met with an eclectic mix of garden ornaments. Our favourite being a life size Doberman for £699!

We ordered our cream tea and made our way through to the glass greenhouse which was filled with a mixture of chairs and tables. We chose a nice set with comfy cushions and a deck chair for Harry. Shortly after we settled down we were greeted by their one eyed dog, who was very friendly!

The scones were nice – packed with raisins and sultanas and topped with sugar – freshly made too.


Here are the scores:

Ambience 4/10

Staff 5/10

Taste 7/10

Value for money 7/10
(£5.50 for two scones and a cup of tea)

Total: 23/40 = 58%

As we left we heard the donkeys – they were very cute!


Please remember, the views in this blog represent our personal experiences and we recommend you visit the establishment yourself to make up your own mind!


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