Swayed by the cakes at Mrs Jones’ Kitchen

I know we said last time that we’d revert back to the cream teas for our next visit. Well, we had all good intentions but by the time we had walked in to town and sat down in Mrs Jone’s Kitchen we really wanted a cool drink rather than tea!

The staff were incredibly friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere in the cafe. Sitting by the window on the comfy leather sofa, we could look out at what has become the cafe triangle of Canterbury; with La Trappiste and the Chocolate Cafe completing the three points!

Charlie choose the bakewell tart and I went for the carrot cake – as you can see they look great:


We enjoyed our visit to the Kitchen and we want to go back to try the cream teas…so watch this space for an update!

So here are the scores:

Taste: 7/10

Staff 10/10

Ambiance 10/10

Value for money 8/10

Total: 35/40 88%

Please remember that this post represents our personal experience and we recommend you visit the establishment yourself to make up your own mind!


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